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T h e  P i r a t e s  of  P e n z a n c e          2 0 1 6

The Cast

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Pirates, Police and General Stanley's Daughters


The Principals (see portraits)

Souvenir Programme

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Our publicity photoshoot on the River Nidd!


Dress rehearsal photos


Harrogate Advertiser review


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Audience reviews


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'Pop up Pirates'


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Major-General Stanley

Alistair Donkin


Colin Belsey


Liz Kelley

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Helen Johnson


Kathleen Louw


Roz Ebbetts

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The Pirate King

David Parker


Daniel Stanford

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Brittany Rachin

Sergeant of Police

Donald Stephenson

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Alex Bird

Catherine  Bonello

Catherine Culligan

Gwen Nuttall

Helen Hovell

Jenny Humphreys

Katherine Doherty

Tracy Laverick

Wendy Belsey

Wendy Richardson





Carrie Brown

Charlotte Brown

Dot Haken

Julie Robinson

Sam Westwood



Andy Wilkinson

David Richardson

Graham Hardman

John Carter

Kristian Lopez



Chris Igoe

Graham Woods

Jim Coleman

John Bonello

Peter Haken

Terry Harrison


Publicity photos

Shot on location on the River Nidd



Pirates and Ruth, piratical maid!
The hardy little lasses!
Frederic - what a rare beauty!
Frederic imploring kind assistance..
I am the very pattern of a moder Major-General!
The Major-General and daughters
Major-General and Frederic
A pirate! Horror!
The pirates attack
Brave, brave pirates
Receive a general's blesssing before departing upon a dread adventure
Now what is this and what is that?
Why does father leave his rest?
Children go free!

Dress rehearsal photos

Photos courtesy of Serenity Studios


The Pirates of Penzance (HGSS, 2016)
The Pirates of Penzance (HGSS, 2016)
The Pirates of Penzance (HGSS, 2016)
The Pirates of Penzance (HGSS, 2016)
The Pirates of Penzance (HGSS, 2016)
The Pirates of Penzance (HGSS, 2016)
The Pirates of Penzance (HGSS, 2016)
The Pirates of Penzance (HGSS, 2016)
The Pirates of Penzance (HGSS, 2016)
The Pirates of Penzance (HGSS, 2016)
The Pirates of Penzance (HGSS, 2016)
The Pirates of Penzance (HGSS, 2016)
Dress Rehearsal photos

Harrogate Advertiser review

Article appeared in the Harrogate Advertiser 19 May 2016


It can be no secret that the familiar combination of Alistair Donkin (director) and Oliver Longstaff (conductor) always ensures a committed, energetic and well-prepared performance of whichever Gilbert and Sullivan opera is chosen by the Harrogate G &S Society, and this year’s lively production of The Pirates of Penzance is no exception.

A crucial test of ‘Pirates’ is the unaccompanied passage in the Act 1 Finale ‘Hail, Poetry!’ and it is a delight to report that in this version it is confident, expressive and wholly accurate; truly the climactic moment which the authors intended.

Helen Johnson (Mabel) and Daniel Stanford (Frederic) emerge with considerable credit from the demands Sullivan makes of them. Despite the vocal pyrotechnics it’s the tenderness which stands out; the duet ‘Ah leave me not to pine alone’ being a particular highlight of the production.

In other roles Liz Kelley is a formidable Ruth, David Parker a suitably ferocious Pirate King, and Donald Stephenson an imposing Sergeant of Police.

It’s wonderful to see Alistair Donkin reprising the role of Major-General Stanley, many years after his triumphs with the old D’Oyly Carte company: his timing and professionalism are an example to all G&S performers.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable evening out. The show runs until Saturday.

Harry Thomas


Paper review

Audience reviews

Unsolicited reviews from our lovely audiences!


'We really enjoyed the show tonight. Well done to all of you and thanks for a great night's entertainment' Jackie Garry and Emmi


'A wonderful night out, you were all wonderful...' Julie, Clare and Nat


'My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the show as did all the audience members around us ... there were some truly talented performances' Angela

'Well done to the society for another fantastic production - the singing was excellent and the costumes were lovely - a great show' Jack


'Congratulations to everyone involved in a joyous production' Jane

'My aunt and I had a wonderful time and were made very welcome. The seats were great and we enjoyed ourselves enormously' Megan


Audience reviews

'Pop up Pirates' - part of the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival, Harrogate - 15 August 2016

The Pirates of Penzance are preparing to launch a raid on the International Festival – in coalition with the Festival audience!


HGSS warmly invite the participation of volunteer pirates, policemen and daughters, to stage and perform 'Pirates' in a single afternoon! If you would rather just sing along, or simply sit back and watch the mayhem unfold, you will also be very welcome.


In the first part of the afternoon, straightforward routines for the company scenes will be rehearsed, and participants will be provided with basic costumes and props. After a short interval, there will be a (slightly abridged) performance, accompanied in the original two piano arrangement of the score by Andrew Bedford (HGSS’s resident pianist) and John Longstaff (former répétiteur with the New D’Oyly Carte).


So, if you would like to gaily tread the measure, steal upon your prey, or slap your chest and sing ta-ran-ta-ra – don’t just sit there; DO SOMETHING!

(Please note: participants on stage will be asked to work without scores; principal roles will be covered by HGSS).


Pop up Pirates
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